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A member points out that the Community Council meeting on the 28 Jan coincides (coincidence?) with a NLWP consultation.

Dear all

In case you haven’t seen the latest copy of WFM, there will be a public workshop at EduAction Conference Centre, Queens Road, E17 between 6.30pm and 8.30pm on Monday 28th January about the North London Waste Plan. The purpose of the workshop is to “have your say and find out more” about the North London Waste Plan. Some of you may have seen that Waltham Forest is earmarked for 3 out of 6 waste disposal sites so it should be interesting to go along and find out more about what’s happening with that.

For more info go to or to register for a workshop email

I’m sure it is no coincidence (!), but the Walthamstow West Community Council meeting is also being held on the same evening – Monday 28th January at 7.15pm at the Chapel End Junior School, Roberts Road, E17 4LS.


We should probably split up and attend both. Email to say which of the two meetings, the Community Council or the NLWP consultation, you’d be able to attend.


Ken Livingston wrote a sharp little letter in response to the Walthamstow Guardian’s suggestion that it was Ken who had decided to ram incinerators down our throats. (See original post about it here.)

We’ve made a .pdf file of the page with the letter, which you can read here.

Local residents are on high alert after the announcement that Waltham Forest will become home to three of six new waste processing plants planned for North London. The Walthamstow Guardian confirms that “the types of plants needed include a hazardous waste processing facility and an incinerator, as well as recycling centres.” [see article here]

This is naturally worrying: nobody wants an incinerator in the area. Also, the council has presented the development as a ‘Gateway’ opportunity filled with local amenities, businesses, public spaces, housing and leisure parks – just where (and next to what) would any processing plant go?

Before rushing to the barricades to fight incinerator plans, however, we should remember that it has not been decided what’s going to be put where. According to a comment posted on the Guardian’s article, Archie Onslow of The North London Waste Plan has said that they’re looking into sites for processing/recycling green waste and stuff from the black boxes ie composting / sorting facilities.

The council rushed to assure residents that there will be consultation on the subject. It will start on January 23 and, the council says, “residents will be able to request a copy” (of what, exactly?) by visiting or ringing the North London Waste Plan on 020 7974 5916.

The NLWP website has a sort of consultation portal called “Have Your Say” and there is a consultation timetable that promises “formal consultation on issues and options, via [the NLWP] website and public events across the 7 boroughs“. It looks worryingly stage-managed, and it would be nice to know what part our own council will play in all this… As ever, we have to work to make sure that the consultation is genuine and meaningful. Take a look at theNLWP’s consultation guidelines and tell us what you think.

A meeting to discuss policy will be held at the Education Centre on 28th Jan at 6.30pm.

The time scale on this seems long, but you know how time flies: here is the North London Waste Plan’s timetable.

Watch this space!

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