The Community & Space working group looks into ways to improve the facilities and vibe of our area.

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The Development & Planning working group gets down and dirty with the various plans to build stuff in our area. It keeps an eye on planning applications and on the development plans of various people, including major developers and the Council.

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The entertainment working group organises parties and other social events.

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A slight break from posts about the council tarmacking over our green field sites for some pretty pictures.

This area has more than its fair share of budding David Baileys, as anyone visiting the photo sharing site Flickr will be aware.  The Walthamstow group has over a 1,000 pictures to browse through, or alternatively you can search the whole site, for example find the most interesting walthamstow pics“.

Some even add GPS information on where the photo was taken, allowing computer boffins to come up with ingenious sites like this one which displays a satellite image of the area with little thumbnails of all the photos taken.

Visit here for the Blackhorse Road satellite image.

You can zoom in to see more pictures, order it by newest taken, most popular or just check out whether anyone has randomly taken a picture of you putting the bins out in your nightie.

It also offers a large satellite view of the lovely green space where the council plan to put a large school so by all means send the developers some feedback on this and the housing development via their online questionnaire.

The exhibition of plans for the Blackhorse area may be over but there’s still time to let the developers know your views. Visit their website to enter feedback and also join the debate here by adding a comment.

Many residents have expressed horror at the high rise plans which include a 23 storey block of flats that the developers themselves boast can be seen from Tottenham Hale“.

Most agree that the site needs redevelopment, but question how a 23 storey building can possibly be inkeeping with an area with no other buildings over 4/5 stories, not to mention on the doorstep of a Ramsar-listed nature reserve, canals, and the SSSI Walthamstow Marshes!

There are also major concerns that all traffic from the site comes out straight onto Edward/Hawarden Road (see plan here).

Resident Helen points out that the development offers nothing to the local community in the way of mixed use or community facilities and is a council led attempt to cram as many living spaces into a small area as possible:

418 units are proposed ie very high density – no community facilites or mixed use – one way sytem proposed all traffic for the site will enter via Blackhorse Rd and exit at corner of Hawarden and Edward Rd therefore this proposal will definitely impact on traffic/ noise / pollution on all of Edward Rd. I found them quite reasonable – it is clear that they are working to a specfic brief from Waltham Forest as to how many units must be fitted in to this site. More evidence of this council’s subterfuge and dirty dealings since for the best part of a year Waltham Forest refused to answer my specific questions raised at the Walthamstow West Community Council about the amount of units planned for this site on the grounds that they hadn’t had a planning application“.

Diana, another visitor to the exhibtion pointed out that the “trend country-wide is to move away from the concept of high-rise residential blocks“.


The developers have not been consulted on the councils renewed plans for the school on Douglas Ayre Playing Fields. They stated that their plans allowed no access to a school through the development. They also questioned the feasability of a school on a 3A Flood risk site (High Probability).

Resident Helen again writes:
They have not been informed that school is being considered again for Douglas Eyre. I spoke at length about this issue to more than one rep from the stakeholders and they were of the opinion the Council would not get the go ahead because the Environment Agency would block it. A huge school will obviously affect the prices they can get for their units as it will mean hordes of students walking through their estate. and of course more traffic. They are not at all in favour of the school proposal. This is the second attempt by Waltham Forest to sneak through this proposal without giving proper consideration to alternative sites which would cost more money“.

Please give your feedback and opinions to the developers on their website, which should contain more examples of the plans. Also join the debate here by adding your comments.

Want to know what the developers have in mind for Blackhorse Road?

The “revised” plans for the redevelopment are going on public display for three days only.

If you have objections, opinions, or even just fancy a nose, this is your chance. Decisions on every aspect of Blackhorse Road’s future are being taken, from the number of storeys flats might have right through to access to reservoirs and green spaces.

Thursday 28 February from 6pm to 8.30pm
Friday 29 February from 6pm to 8.30pm
Saturday 1 March from 10am to 2 pm

Stoneydown Park Primary School
Pretoria Avenue, Walthamstow E17 6JY – MAP here

Should you miss the public display, you can also submit your views to the Blackhorse Road developers website.

On their website the KLA invite all residents to come along and give feedback on the plans. The only slight snag being – as of today – the website doesn’t actually give any address for the exhibition! Also has anyone received any information through the post that might actually inform residents its on?

All of which brings to mind Douglas Adams on public planning displays:

“But the plans were on display …”
“On display? I eventually had to go down to the cellar to find them.”
“That’s the display department.”
“With a flashlight.”
“Ah, well the lights had probably gone.”
“So had the stairs.”

(UPDATE: One day before the exhibition and an address has now appeared).

BAG invites you to a residents get together on Sat 17 May at the Sports Pavilion of Douglas Eyre Playing Fields. Come along one and all, kids too. Colin, our favourite groundsman at the pavilion, has agreed to open the bar.

If you are interested in getting involved with organising this evening then email Irina Hoss.

Worrying development that undermines the protection of our green belt land…

A government amendment to the Planning Bill could see planning powers transferred from local authorities to Regional Development Agencies(RDAs).

The amendment, tabled by local government minister John Healy, would see RDAs, quangos whose members are appointed by the government and are accountable to the communities secretary, take the final decision on green belt developments.

Eric Pickles, shadow communities secretary, said: “This will put the fate of thousands of acres of green belt into the hands of quangos that are likely to say ‘Yes’.”

Read the whole article here.

Submit your views on climate change to the council via this link and they’ll send you a low energy bulb. You could even win a prize!

The deadline is this Friday, the 15th Feb.

A reminder that the BAG AGM will be at the pavilion of the Douglas Eyre Playing Fields next Monday, 11th February,  at 7.30pm.

Business will include reports on activities, the establishment of working groups and the election of committee members.

Looking forward to seeing as many residents as possible there!

2008 AGM Agenda

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