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Here’s hoping you all had a fantastic Christmas – great food, company and, who knows, even useful presents!
If you didn’t have the opportunity to go to the exhibition and comment on the plans developers are proposing for BHL2, you can still do it by sending your views by e-mail, fax or post to Harry Hudson. Please submit your comments by the 4th of January.

Harry Hudson
Green Issues Communications Ltd
Freepost NAT22750
fax: 0118 959 8244

Reminder: this is about the proposed housing (see plans here) and not the school. We’ll let you know more on that score as we find things out.



The proposal to build Willowfield School on the Douglas Eyre playing fields (which is green belt land) is back on the agenda!

The following has appeared on the council’s website, tucked away in the “schools/BSF bulletins” section:

Willowfield School Governing Body and the Council met on 14th October to discuss the effects of recent further changes in the nature of restrictions round building on the Douglas Eyre Playing Field. These changes have opened up again the possibility of using the DEPF as new site for Willowfield School, with all the advantages that offers both to school, pupils and he local community…Further work will be carried out over the next few months to test out the feasibility of the approach, most particularly round the need to secure planning permission.

The council was well aware of local residents concern over these proposals the last time they were on the agenda – so when was it planning on telling us about this? If you look at the official communications on the ‘blackhorse regeneration’ pages of the website, the last mention of Willowfield school is in June where it is stated that “Waltham Forest Council has decided not to proceed with plans to move Willowfield School to the Douglas Eyre Playing Fields following advice about flood risks.” Further updates were published in October and December – but they say nothing about the change of plan for Willowfield.

Chris Robbins, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said in June (in regard to the search for a site for Willowfield school), “We will consult with the community on any new proposals.” But this seems to have slipped his mind. Perhaps he has been too busy meeting Bouygues, the huge French conglomerate who have won the privatised building schools contract for LBWF?

You would have hoped, though, that the officers running the overall regeneration scheme might have told residents what is going on, otherwise what is the point of their updates?

Blackhorse Action Group has written to the regeneration officers asking what is the nature of the ‘changes in the nature of the restrictions’ and whether this plan is really back on the agenda. We are extremely surprised that the council would try and get round what seemed to be clear restrictions on flood plain building – particularly given that only last week, a report into this summer’s flooding said that such restrictions must be strengthened even further.

Does anyone have any further information? We would particularly like to hear from anyone with children at Willowfield school, to see if we can work together on this. We understand that the school was told that the council had failed to find any other site, so would have to re-build Willowfield on its existing site. We understand that after that, it told the school that doing so would be more difficult than originally anticipated.

We are also curious as to whether the proposed waste disposal facilities in Blackhorse Lane, which the council is being less than clear about, might have something to do with the changes of plan.

If you would like to help, feel free to email the Blackhorse regeneration officers at

Green Issues have posted their exhibition boards from last week’s consultation on their website. You can see them here. You can also download a pdf version of them here. It gives some useful explanations.

For those who were unable to make it, it’s worth taking a look – you won’t really appreciate what is proposed until you’ve looked over the design ‘concept’ given there in glorious technicolour. Those who did go might want to download a copy for their own records.

Ken Livingston wrote a sharp little letter in response to the Walthamstow Guardian’s suggestion that it was Ken who had decided to ram incinerators down our throats. (See original post about it here.)

We’ve made a .pdf file of the page with the letter, which you can read here.

Just uploaded a .pdf file of the ‘vision’ for the BHL2 site. This, basically, summarises the results of a brainstorming session on the 12th November at which Members spoke of the sorts of things they would like to see on the site. Read it here.

Obviously, this is pretty much a wish list, but it’s a starter for ten that will help us frame discussions with the Council and developers.

Don’t forget to go along to the developers’ exhibition either tonight, tomorrow or Saturday – details here.

Several local groups are getting together tonight for Carols outside the Town Hall and to protest about the cuts to culture. Come and join in the fun and please circulate this news as widely as possible.Carols against the cuts, 7pm 12 December, outside town hall, Forest Rd

This has been reorganised very quickly after the council shifted the time of a meeting groups were planning to sing at later in the month.

This evening is the full council meeting, so we have a chance to give a message to all the councillors. The councillors that oppose the cuts need our support and encouragement and those who support the cuts need to be reminded that the voters could put them out of their well-paid jobs.

As usual, it’s fun with a serious message!

Print out the carols if you can, but come anyway. See you there!

Green Issues, the agents of the developers, are holding a three day exhibition of their plans for the proposed development of housing on BHL2. Anybody with an interest on what gets put up on that land should go a long and take a look, and feed their views into the process.


They’re spreading the exhibition over three days, so as to give people as much chance as possible to attend. Which is nice. Here are details:

Venue: Stoneydown Park Primary School, Pretoria Avenue,

Walthamstow E17 6JY

Dates: Thursday 13 December from 6 to 8.30pm

Friday 14 December from 6 to 8.30pm; and

Saturday 15 December from 10am to 2 pm.


It’s worth casting your eye over Green Issues’ detailed account of their recollection of the meeting with us: click here.

You can also look back over the last thing posted here on this subject: click here.

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